Your Ultimate Heating Equipment Checklist for the Winter

As the winter season kicks in, you’re probably focused on preparing your home for the cold climate. Apart from the workplace, your home is where you spend most of your time which is why keeping it warm during the winter is a must. Being in Louisiana, not all of us may know the ins and outs of heater maintenance. The wintertime can be very demanding for your HVAC system, and failure to do proper maintenance tasks can lead to costly repairs and power outages at the expense of your comfort. Essentially, there are numerous repercussions for failing to properly maintain your heating systems. This article provides an ideal heating maintenance checklist to help your home stay warm throughout the winter. The checklist includes: 

  • Changing your filter
  • Removing Dirt 
  • Regularly Cleaning Your Vents
  • Oiling the Blower
  • Contacting a Professional to Inspect Your Heating System

1. Changing Your Filter

Let’s begin with the commonest entry point on any HVAC winter checklist: changing the filter. This is crucial because a dirty filter is detrimental to your home’s overall air quality. If dust and debris cover your air filter, it may get filtered back into your home and contaminate the air. Additionally, a debris-filled filter won’t work as effectively as it should. This will lead to fluctuating temperatures in your home, reduced efficiency of your HVAC system, and, ultimately, higher bills. Thus, an ideal way of promoting proper airflow is by regularly changing your air filters.

Experts recommend that for your heating system to run as efficiently as possible, it is crucial to check your air filter every 1 to 3 months. It would help if you then changed the filters that may have gathered large amounts of dirt.

2. Removing Dirt 

Another crucial task on your heating maintenance checklist should be removing dirt. If your home has an outdoor HVAC system with a ground-level unit, it may help if you conduct weekly inspections to remove any dirt that can influence how it functions.

You should remove anything that may block airflow in your system. Using personal protective equipment like gloves is crucial when cleaning your outdoor unit. To ensure maximum safety, you should shut down your unit before cleaning.

3. Regularly Cleaning Your Vents

Another HVAC winter checklist item when getting ready for the cold season is frequently cleaning your air vents. Dirt and debris can rapidly build up on vents, minimizing your home’s airflow and negatively affecting air quality.

For your HVAC system to work efficiently in the winter, it is recommended that you clean your vents every seven days as part of your routine cleaning. The best part is that it is very easy to clean your vents since you only need a damp rag, and you’re good to go. Vent cleaning will minimize stress on your system to ensure that your HVAC keeps your home at the desired temperature.

4. Oiling the Blower

Oiling the blower is another HVAC winter checklist. It may help if you ensure that all parts of your heating system are still working correctly before winter kicks in, especially if your home has an older heating system.

The furnace blower is usually one of the most significant elements of the heating system. This is because its function ensures that your heater runs optimally and efficiently. Experts recommend that you should at least oil the furnace once yearly. Properly oiling your blower will also ensure you do away with any annoying squeaking sounds your heater may produce when switched on.

5. Contacting a Professional to Inspect Your Heating System

The most vital item on your heating system maintenance checklist is calling in a professional. The best part about working with a professional is that they will help diagnose the problem correctly. You may need to call a professional if: 

  • There are unexplained increases in your energy bills.
  • Your home experiences little to no airflow.
  • There are unexplained odd noises emanating from your heater 
  • There is reduced HVAC Efficiency

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