Reasons for Opting for UV Light Air Purification

Reasons for Opting for UV Light Air Purification

If the air inside your home is full of microorganisms, it can make the environment uncomfortable. Also, if you do not take action in good time, you and your loved ones may eventually suffer from various ailments as a result of poor indoor air quality. A UV light air purifier can improve air quality inside your house, and it has several benefits as well.

Before delving into further details, you need to understand what UV light purification is all about.

Unpacking UV Light Purifiers

It is not possible to identify UV lighting with naked eyes because it is a non-visible type of radiation. The word UV light is quite common, and part of the reasons for this is that it makes up 10% of the output from sunlight. UV light is also unique because it has three sub-bands, namely UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. You may have come across UV-A and UV-B on most sunscreen lotions.

UV-C, on the other hand, is powerful radiation that is harmless to humans. It is a reliable option for destroying microorganisms such as viruses and germs. UV light air purifiers reduce indoor air pollutants in your house by disrupting the core DNA of disease-causing pathogens, and this technology is known as UV germicidal irradiation or UVGI air purification.

Benefits of UV Light Air Purification

1. Improves Your Respiratory Health

If you are allergic to dampness or a stuffy environment, you will find it hard to stay in such settings because they will cause you discomfort, and stopping the continuous cough may be challenging as well. In that case, getting rid of dust and pollen from your surroundings is advisable if you want to avoid the risk of respiratory diseases, and a UV light air purifier can help with that.

2. Eliminates Pet Hairs and Dandruff

Are you a fan of pets? Pet lovers can hardly resist the temptation of having them around, especially at home. Of course, pets are great companions, but they can lower indoor air quality too. The reason is that pets leave hair and dandruff everywhere. Dandruff from your cat is usually sticky on surfaces and untraceable with naked eyes.

The prefilter in UV light purifiers gets rid of the hairs in the suspension, while the HEPA Filter option eliminates dandruff.

3. Ensures Your Living Space Is Mold Free

Humid conditions create an ample environment for mold to thrive on surfaces such as curtains, toys, carpets, and walls, among others. Allergic individuals and those who have asthma will have difficulties living in a house with mold, and finding a solution, in this case, is not an option. UV light air purifiers have a HEPA filter that captures and eliminates mold spores from your home.

Additionally, if the humidity around and within your house is quite high, consider using a dehumidifier to prevent your home environment from becoming a habitat that fosters the proliferation of mold.

4. Gets Rid of Odors

Along with ensuring that your home is inviting, you should take care of odors as well. The active carbon filter, commonly referred to as the odor filter in UV light air purifiers, traps fundamentally organic compounds in the air that are responsible for bad smells.

UV light air purifiers will prove a worthwhile investment for smokers because they eliminate the smell of tobacco and purify the indoor air that such individuals breathe. Active carbon can also eliminate odors from your pet, food, and the moisture in your house.

5. Acts as a Cleaning Reinforcement

Maintaining a clean environment is the responsibility of every homeowner. Unfortunately, when you clean your home, some particles may remain behind. Then, they can find their way on your furniture and floor once again. A UV light air purifier filters such particles from time to time, which suggests that your home will remain spic and span whenever you do your cleaning.


The advantages of UV light air purifiers outweigh what you can achieve from conventional HVAC systems. Since health is a priority, consider investing in one to improve indoor air quality. Contact us to learn more.

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