How to Prepare Your A/C System for a Hurricane

How to prepare your A/C system for a hurricane

Hurricane season is around the corner. Indeed, June 1st marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. There is no better time to prepare than the present. Now is the time to evaluate your hurricane preparedness kit to ensure your home is ready to withstand a storm. One often overlooked is the preparation of your air conditioning system for the impending hurricane season. Make sure your A/C is in good shape and ready for the possibility of a storm threat.

Preparing Your A/C for Hurricane Season

Before hurricane season, you should complete an annual inspection of your cooling system. Then, complete any required maintenance and address any concerns or necessary repairs. Routine A/C maintenance will prolong your system’s life to ensure your system meets the demands of the hot summer months.

How to Prepare

A storm is approaching and you are beginning your process to protect your home and property. Make sure that your air conditioning system is included in your emergency storm preparations.

Some steps to protect and preserve your cooling system when a storm is approaching include:

  • Consider where you will be staying: If you are evacuating, then proceed immediately to the next steps to prepare your A/C. If you are planning on hunkering down at home for the storm, it would be in your best interest to cool your home as much as possible before a storm is approaching. Taking this extra step can help you remain as comfortable as possible for the period during the storm.
  • Turn off the A/C: Turn your system off at the control panel, and then proceed to turn off all breakers leading to your system. This is a critical step that will prevent the transmission of electrical surges that may occur during the storm and can damage your system.
  • Tie down your outdoor unit: If you do not already have tie-down straps in your hurricane preparedness kit, add them to your kit immediately. You will use these straps to secure your unit to the concrete base in an effort to prevent the unit from moving around or being lifted off the ground by high winds, such as those found in a major hurricane.
  • Cover your system: While covering an A/C system is usually not recommended, when a storm is approaching and the unit is turned off, it is best to cover the unit to prevent debris from entering the system and damaging it.

Your A/C System After the Hurricane

The storm has passed, and you may be eager to flip the switch on your A/C unit. First, you must make sure to do so as safely as possible.

  • Inspect your unit carefully: Before turning on any breakers or any electricity to your unit, you must inspect it for damage. Remove the cover and tie-down straps before the inspection. If there are no signs of damage, you can turn on the breakers leading to the A/C.
  • Contact our team: If you, however, have confirmed there is damage, or you are unsure if your A/C has been damaged, it would be best to contact our team at CMC for a professional and thorough inspection. Turning on an A/C unit with potential damage from flying debris or water can cause further damage to the system. Contact us at CMC to request an appointment. Then, we may inspect and repair your air conditioning system if needed.

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