Is Plumbing Repair Covered by Insurance?

a plumber fixing plumbing damage that is covered by insurance

When a homeowner faces unexpected plumbing repairs, they may assume that their homeowner’s insurance policy covers it. Most homeowners are shocked to hear that this may not always be the case. Then, they foot the plumbing repair bill. It is essential for homeowners to not only review their homeowner’s insurance policy carefully regarding plumbing repairs but also understand common situations when repairs will or will not be covered by their insurance.

Is Your Plumbing Repair Covered by Insurance?

The determining factor for insurance coverage is whether the event leading to the damage happened suddenly and accidentally. When damage has occurred without warning, it is likely your insurance policy covers plumbing repairs including any residual damage. However, if the damage occurred due to negligence and lack of necessary maintenance and repairs, then repairs are not likely to be covered by insurance regardless of the extent of the damage.

Covered Plumbing Damage

  • Pipes, water heater, appliances, plumbing repairs, ceiling repairs, and damage to the overall structure
  • Possible reimbursement for damages caused to neighboring properties
  • Repairs or damage caused by plumbing issues with neighboring properties
  • Depending on your coverage your policy may cover the replacement of certain personal property damaged as a result of the event
  • Some policies will also provide coverage for displacement from your home and expenses acquired staying elsewhere, in addition to repairs to your home

Plumbing Damage Not Covered

The most critical aspect that an insurance company will be looking at when making a determination to deny or grant coverage for plumbing damage will be whether there is any indication that lack of maintenance or needed repairs caused the event leading to the damage.

Common Situations Where a Repair and Resulting Damage Will Not Be Covered Include:

  • Signs of wear and tear or corrosion
  • Old appliances
  • Older homes using the high-risk materials of polybutylene plumbing may be excluded from your policy
  • Frozen pipes due to the owner’s failure to shut off the water

Filing an Insurance Claim for Plumbing Repairs

It is critical to read your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully regarding your current plumbing repair coverage. There are many riders and additional coverage options for homeowner’s insurance policies.

When a sudden plumbing issue causes damage, homeowners contact a plumbing company for repairs immediately. However, these policies require an inspection to assess the damages. Then, they estimate the repair to determine coverage.

Notify Your Insurance Company First

As soon as your home has plumbing damage, you must immediately notify your homeowner’s insurance company to open a claim. You must then follow their procedures to await a determination for your claim and to proceed with repairs.

Failing to notify your insurance company before making repairs can result in a coverage denial. Alternatively, a complicated and uncertain process for reimbursement occurs.

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