Electrical Factors to Look Out for When Searching for a New Home

Getting a new home can be one of the most monumental phases in your life. There are several things you need to look out for, right from size to design to amenities. Nevertheless, one of the most significant factors to check is the safety and coherence of the new home’s electrical factors.

At Coastal Mechanical Contractors, we understand how ideal and secure it is to have a correctly working electrical system. Thus, we are always committed to arm you with the needed information and handle any electrical issues you may have before investing in a new home. Here are some factors you need to consider while searching for a new home:

1. Electrical Wiring

Many modern houses contain aluminum wiring, which is well-thought-out to be less fire hazardous and more durable than older houses containing copper wiring. Aluminum and copper have diverse performances and safety features. Never use them together as they conduct electricity differently.

Therefore, when buying a house, employing a professional electrician’s services is quite imperative as they help you to carefully inspect the wiring and take the necessary steps to ensure all is well sorted.

2. Electrical Panel

This is among the first things to look out for in a new home as it gives you information about the durability and age of your new home’s electrical system. If the system runs on a fuse box rather than a circuit breaker, it means that it is old and needs to be considered for possible replacement. Consider the panel’s size and capacity, as most new homes are built with bigger panels to accommodate more up-to-date electrical appliances. Inquire if the panel expands to accommodate more appliances.

3. Interior Outlets

Before getting into a new home, ensure that the light switches and appliance cords are tightened or replaced. Also, don’t cover them with soot. Plus, don’t expose the electrical cables. Inspection by a professional electrical engineer helps to ensure that the power outlets have a secure grip on the wall, the wall is able to hold plugs with the correct tension, and that it’s not cracked.

Additionally, the house should be fitted with an earth wiring system for security reasons, mostly from power surges and lightning. If your electrical system hums, there may be an underlying problem. Thus, inspect it to determine whether they need repair or replacement.

4. Wet Area Outlets

Having electricity and water close to each other is quite hazardous because water is a good conductor of electricity that may cause electrocution. Fit wet areas with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). This detects any unbalanced electric power as well as cut off the supply of power. Additionally, do not install light switches near water.

Why Coastal Mechanical Contractors (CMC)?

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