7 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Servicing

If you run a business, you know the importance of keeping your workers comfortable so that they’re as productive and content as possible. Are you getting a lot of calls and emails lately from your employees, complaining about high humidity levels, uneven temperatures or even unpleasant sounds and odors coming from your HVAC unit? Here are seven common signs your commercial HVAC system may need servicing, along with how an HVAC professional can diagnose and quickly fix your HVAC problems.


One clue that something is amiss with your HVAC unit is uneven temperatures. In other words, not every area of your office is getting cool in the summer or warm in cold weather. This issue could be due to issues, such as duct leaks, obstructed airflow and an incorrect HVAC size. When this occurs, you need to contact an HVAC specialist who can repair the issue before it intensifies.


If you notice condensation on the windows, it means that the air is too humid. Your HVAC system should be controlling the humidity levels and absorbing moisture and heat from the air within the building.  If your building has more moisture than usual, it’s important to discover the root of the problem before you end up with water damage and mold.


 Another “red light” suggesting a problem is hearing disruptive sounds, which may include those, such as buzzing, clicking,  or humming. Consider that furnaces and air conditioners that need repairing typically make these annoying noises. When your workers  hear these disruptive noises, their work can be affected. Even worse, this can hurt your company as your clients and/or vendors may stop doing business with you. That’s why you need to call a highly qualified and experienced HVAC technician who knows how to diagnose as well as repair the problem.


Just as bad, or even worse, than hearing disruptive noises is inhaling musty, unpleasant odors. Some reasons for foul-smelling odors coming from an HVAC system include those, such as mildew, mold and R-22 leaks. If the odor smells like ether, it could be from a refrigerant. However, a musty odor is usually from mildew or mold. Another factor could be a dead rodent who’s decaying within your HVAC unit. When your workers first start noticing these odors, call an HVAC professional to investigate the cause and fix the problem.


If your HVAC system repeatedly turns on and off (short cycling), the problem may be caused by a damaged compressor. Short cycling can also be the result of a defective thermostat or an oversized unit. On the other hand, you may just need to replace the thermostat batteries, so first check to see if they need replacing. But if this isn’t the reason, call an HVAC technician who knows how to diagnose and quickly fix the issue.


Have some of your employees complained that they have breathing difficulties, or have you noticed too many people calling in sick? Often, this is because of an HVAC filter that’s filled with airborne contaminants that can lead to respiratory conditions and allergies. When this occurs, it’s time for your HVAC system to be cleaned professionally, which includes cleaning out the air ducts.


Skyrocketing energy bills can be a sign that your air conditioner is having a hard time in generating cool air. This results in drawing more electricity. Contact an HVAC specialist who can correctly diagnose and fix the issues so that your energy bills will start going down, again.


Don’t continue to settle for a defective HVAC system. Contact us and learn more about how we can diagnose and fix your HVAC unit.

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