5 Signs It’s Time for New Bathroom Fixtures

Whether you moved into a home that was new or just new-to-you, the time will eventually come when it’s time to consider replacing the bathroom fixtures. After all, nothing lasts forever. How can you be sure that your fixtures need to be replaced instead of just repaired?

We’ve put together a handy list to help you decide if you’re looking at repairs or outright replacements.

5 Signs It’s Time for New Bathroom Fixtures

Here are some warning signs and what they might mean.

1. Leaks

Although it’s easy to get used to a constant drip or dribble, leaky faucets in the bathroom are a real problem. Not only will a consistent leak affect your water bill, but it’s also a sign that something’s wrong. Household leaks can waste up to 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so the cause of each leak is definitely worth looking into.

Leaky bathroom fixtures may be the result of:

  • Interior washers or gaskets wearing out
  • Loose connections
  • Rust or degradation
  • Lack of a proper seal

While a leak doesn’t always mean it’s time to change out your fixtures, it does mean something must be done right away. A professional plumber can easily sort this one out and make the necessary repairs.

2. Low Water Pressure

Taking a shower under weak water flow is such an unsatisfying experience. When you’re experiencing low water pressure in the shower, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

  • Increase your shower head’s flow rate
  • Clean buildup out of the shower head
  • Replace your shower head with a different model

Of course, if you’ve noticed a decrease in water pressure overall (not just in the shower), it’s time to contact the professionals. You could be dealing with a much more serious plumbing issue.

3. Changing Needs

The fixtures you chose when you first moved into the house may have made sense at one time. Now, with the needs of your family changing, you may find that you want something different.

Changing needs may include:

  • New pets. Giving the dog a bath in the tub may be easier without the more ornate fixtures you chose originally!
  • A baby on the way. Child-proofing the bathroom often involves safer and more kid-friendly fixtures.
  • Elderly parents moving in. Lever faucets and sprayer attachments can go a long way toward making the bathroom a safer place.
  • Increased income calling for an upgrade. Dual-function shower sets and waterfall spouts are simple but delightful luxuries.

Whatever the motivation, as your life changes, your bathroom can also evolve to meet the specific needs of the season.

4. Ready for a New Look

Even if your bathroom fixtures are more or less in working order, if they were chosen by a former owner or a family member whose taste didn’t exactly match yours, the time may have come to freshen up the bathroom’s look with some new bathroom fixtures.

If you’re ready for a new look, go for it.

5. Putting Your Home Up for Sale

When the time comes to put your home up for sale, there’s nothing like a little spit and polish to make sure it shows to its best advantage. In addition to giving the house a stiff cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, consider replacing some high-usage, high visibility items.

Because the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house, its fixtures—even when perfectly functional—are often in need of a refresh.

Consider the following:

  • Bathroom fans
  • Faucets
  • Light fixtures
  • Showerheads

Bathrooms are very intimate and private spaces. Making sure the bathroom feels clean, welcoming, and cozy can go a long way toward helping you sell your house.

Even if you can’t afford a full bathroom renovation prior to listing your home, even just replacing your old, outdated fixtures with fresh and shiny ones will go a long way toward making your home look appealing.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to replace your toilet seats!

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