5 Reasons You Should Schedule Pre-Spring HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is the key to the allergen and virus-free air. To keep the system in top shape, a professional should check it at least once a year. The best time to do it is before spring starts.

While it’s possible to complete some HVAC maintenance tasks on your own, it’s hard to ensure air safety and quality without expert assistance. Once the cool season ends, you need to consider scheduling a pre-spring maintenance session. Here are a few reasons why.

1. The Heat is Coming

Do you remember last March? It was the warmest March in Louisiana’s history. With temperatures going over 80 °F, homeowners were turning up their air conditioners, trying to hide from the unexpected heatwave.

While this March may not beat all-time temperature highs, it’s likely to be warm. Before you use the cooling system, it’s imperative to ensure that it’s in top shape. An HVAC expert can change the air filter, inspect the wiring, clean the condenser unit, and much more.

2. The Outdoor Condenser Unit May Be Clogged

Winter winds throw all types of debris around your house. The condenser drain line can get clogged with dirt, mold, and other contaminants. Meanwhile, the fan can get damaged by large pieces of dirt or debris.

If the unit is in poor condition, your HVAC system can start malfunctioning, leading to costly repairs when you need them the least. An HVAC expert can inspect the outdoor unit, remove the debris, and ensure proper system operation.

3. It’s Easier to Book an HVAC Expert

The majority of homeowners believes that spring is the perfect time for HVAC maintenance. That’s why HVAC experts are usually extra busy in April and May. In the summer, they are even busier with repairs. If you schedule a pre-spring maintenance, you can choose the most convenient date and time for the team’s visit.

Once your HVAC system is ready to go, you can proceed with other spring cleaning activities without worrying about sudden temperature fluctuations.

4. You Can Save Money

When your HVAC system starts malfunctioning, you may not know about it right away. By the time you notice that something is wrong, it may be seriously damaged. Trying to cool your house with a poorly functioning a/c can spike your energy bills.

The longer you run a damaged HVAC system, the more expensive it will be to fix. By booking a pre-spring cleaning, you can make sure your system is in good shape before temperatures start rising.

5. It’s Time to Replace Worn Parts

Throughout the year, HVAC systems experience substantial wear and tear. If you haven’t scheduled a professional maintenance session since last spring, some parts may need to be replaced.

Even if your HVAC system is fairly new, it still requires maintenance. Winter operation puts it under a serious strain. By replacing individual parts timely, you can extend your system’s lifespan considerably.

Another reason to arrange pre-spring HVAC system maintenance is to protect its warranty. If your warranty isn’t up yet, it requires regular professional assistance to stay intact By booking an HVAC expert before the spring cleaning rush starts, you can ensure your warranty’s validity.

Enjoying Your Spring with a Fully Functional HVAC System

In Louisiana, spring starts early. If you want to make sure your HVAC system is ready to meet the heat, schedule a pre-spring maintenance in advance.

At Coastal Mechanical Contractors, we focus on meeting all your needs related to HVAC, plumbing, and electricity. If you’d like to schedule pre-spring HVAC maintenance, please contact us at any convenient time.

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