5 Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Although it is common for an air conditioner to leak due to condensation, it is crucial that you are able to know when your A/C needs professional attention; basically, air conditioners work by pulling in hot and humid air over a coil of cold tubing. Since the coil is filled with refrigerant, hot air cools over the tubing, which leads to condensation. This is the reason you are likely to see water dripping from your A/C.

In most cases, people fail to notice leaking A/Cs, and in other cases, they think every leak is normal. You should look out for common symptoms of a leak that needs to be checked by a professional. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Water leaking from indoor A/C vents
  • Reduced cooling power
  • Noises in the unit
  • Vents blowing warm air

With this information in mind, let us look at some probable reasons why your air conditioner is leaking.

Clogged Drain Line

Clogged drain lines tend to be quite common a problem with A/Cs. A clogged line cannot allow water from the overflow pan to flow out through the drain pipe. This is mostly caused by dirt and debris blocking the pipes, thus preventing water from flowing freely. Failure to correct this problem can cause costly damages to your A/C.

To allow free flow of water, check and clean dirt and debris in the drain pipes. If a clog has already formed, remove it using a wet or dry vacuum to remove it. What is more, you should occasionally pour bleach into the drain line to prevent the drain line from clogging in the future.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

Air filters are prone to getting dirty, a reason you should change them more frequently. Leaving it unchecked for long exposes it to dirt, dust, pollen, and air pollutants, which can lead to clogging. As a result, moisture can build up on the evaporator to form ice. When the ice melts, the water that forms can spill over the drain pan, thus causing a leak.

Changing the air filter every two months can save you the trouble of your A/C leaking. You should also make a habit of checking it frequently, especially if your A/C is in use most of the time.

Improper Installation

If your A/C is not sitting on level ground, water can spill from the overflow pan and drip to the side, which can lead to a leak. Ensure your A/C is placed on a flat surface to prevent leaks when the drain pan is full. For window air conditioners, always make sure they are tilted a little bit so that water pours outside and not into the house.

If you have not had any issues with your A/C in the near past and you notice a leak, then it is probably sitting in the wrong position. A little adjustment can solve this problem.

Drain Overflow Pan Is Cracked

The overflow pan can crack or damage due to wear and tear. In such a case, you are likely to experience leaks from your A/C. You can identify the problem by carefully inspecting the pan, especially the corners and edges.

In case there are cracks or holes, consider replacing your drain pan. However, if the holes or cracks are small, you can use epoxy to patch them up.

Old Insulation

Old insulation could also be a reason you are experiencing leaks in your A/C. Usually, air conditioners have copper pipes that connect the inside A/C unit and the compressor. If these copper pipes are not properly insulated, condensation can occur, which causes the A/C to leak. This is a common occurrence when the pipes are old.

The only solution to preventing leaks due to old insulation is to replace the copper pipes. Hire a professional to re-insulate them for you.

Learn More About Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

A leaking A/C is not only inefficient but can cause a lot of problems in terms of services and costs. You should always alert a professional if you notice unusual leaks for corrections before the damages become extensive.

If you have issues with your A/C, whether it is repairs or maintenance, we have experienced experts who can help to fix them for you. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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