3 Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Electrician

Ensuring that your electrical systems are running efficiently is important to keeping your home or business safe. But electrical malfunctions may occur when you least expect them, meaning you would have to call in a professional and reliable emergency electrician, such as CMC Houma. It is important to be on the look out for the tell-tale signs of electrical faults in your home. Here are some three common signs you could watch out for to determine if you need to call an emergency electrician.

  • Flickering and dimming lights

The electrical wiring in your home or business deteriorates with time and may begin to multifunction. Some pests in your buildings could also contribute to the wiring system’s depreciation, as do many other factors. It is essential to have the entire system checked regularly for any signs of faults. If you don’t, some tell-tale signs will begin to show, and one of them is flickering or dimming lights.

If the lights start flickering or dimming, you need to call an emergency electrician because it spells imminent danger with the wiring in your home. Getting new bulbs won’t solve the problem, and neither will you in any way. Tampering with the wiring may aggravate the situation and lead to more damage and harm. If you have no idea where to begin or wondering which professional electrician to contact, consider engaging us for reliable and efficient services.

  • Age of the property

If you hope to prevent safety risks in your home or business, you have to regularly upgrade your electrical systems. The insulation on the cables, and the wires themselves, begin to decay or get antiquated with time, especially after more than 20 years. When the decaying starts, the risk of short-circuiting increases as the wires become more exposed and are likely to come into contact. They are also expected to contact the appliances you plug in and cause electrical shocks to anyone using them.

So, if your property is more than 20 years, you need an emergency electrician in Houma, LA. When looking for an emergency electrician, be sure to find one that offers comprehensive electrical engineering services with the tools and skills needed to complete a complete assessment and overhaul of your electrical systems.

  • Sparks and burning smell from the outlets

If there are sparks whenever you plug an appliance into the wall to flip the switch, then you know you need to call an emergency electrician. Those sparks can ignite a fire in your premises or cause extensive damage to your electrical appliances. It is significantly more dangerous if you detect a burning smell in the wiring after those sparks.

It means something is seriously wrong with your electrical system and you should fix it immediately. But it is normal to experience a small spark when you connect a device to the mains. Things are different if the wiring is faulty or the outlet wasn’t installed properly. If you experience abnormal sparks – if they persist and you detect a burning smell – then it is time to call in a professional emergency electrician.

It is the same thing if you hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from your breaker box. This breaker should protect your property from power surges. But if it develops problems, you are in great danger and need to contact an emergency electrician.

Electrical emergencies happen when they are least expected. But you can trust CMC to be available for your call at any time of day or night for reliable, professional, and efficient electrical services. Our highly trained personnel will determine your electrical problem and provide a workable, cost-effective remedy. Call us today for emergency electrical repairs.

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