10 Warning Signs That Your Plumbing May Be Clogged

10 Warning Signs That Your Plumbing May Be Clogged

Over time, materials can collect within your plumbing system that partially or completely blocks the flow of water in your home. Clogs can cause a major problem but, if they are diagnosed in time they can be easily taken care of. We have compiled a list of 10 warning signs that may help you diagnose and eliminate clogged plumbing before they cause major problems.

Overflow From Clogged Plumbing

It seems pretty obvious but, it’s worth mentioning that an overflow is a sign that there is a problem. Overflows are usually caused by a blockage in the pipes. If your toilet overflows, then you should shut the water off to the affected fixture and clear the blockage before you use it again.

Changes in Your Lawn

Interestingly, sometimes the state of your lawn can indicate if you have a plumbing problem. Look for unusually healthy and green spots on your lawn and you may find a leaking pipe that can affect your home’s water supply. Flooding in a specific area can also be a sign that there is a pipe that needs attention.

Wet Spots From Clogged Plumbing

Look for irregularities in your lawn and wet spots inside your home. They indicate that your plumbing may be clogged. These often show up as wet spots on the floor, ceiling, walls, etc.

Debris Coming From the Sink

Improper disposal of certain materials can cause clogs in the drain. When this happens, you will often notice grime coming out of your sinks and other fixtures. This type of issue should be dealt with immediately and try to avoid putting things like vegetable oils, grease, fruit and vegetable peels, and bones down the drain.

Bad Water Pressure

Many of us have experienced the frustration of significantly decreased water pressure. Cracked or broken pipes cause this, but, usually, it is because of a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. When material collects in the pipes, it disrupts water’ss flow by reducing the space within the pipe. This can affect only one plumbing fixture or all of your fixtures, depending on where the clog is located within the system.

Strange Smells

If there is a bad odor coming from your sink drains, bathtub, or toilet, you likely have a problem and it is likely a clog. Hair, food, and other grime can collect in your pipes and eventually cause a clog within your system. As more collects in the pipe, the clog will get bigger and the odor will get worse.

Noises From Clogged Plumbing

Any unusual noises that come from your plumbing indicate that there is a clog in your system. Sometimes clogs can trap air within the pipes and cause a “bubbling” sound. The noise-causing clog can be close to the surface or deeper within the plumbing system.

Slow Draining

Slow draining is one of the most common effects of a clog and, it is often ignored. When water is slow to drain, it is usually because the pipes are damaged or there is a blockage. You may notice that the water drains slower and slower, which indicates that the problem is getting worse and can lead to burst pipes, flooding, and other larger problems.

Water Level Change in Toilet

Rising toilet water can be an indication of trouble brewing. When the water level inside the bowl increases, it usually means that there is something obstructing the water from leaving the bowl. If the level is lower, or empty, that means that something is blocking the water from entering the bowl. Either way, address the problem.


When pipes become clogged, it can stop the sewage from flowing through. This can cause backflow that results in sewage flowing back through faucets and/or drains.

Find More Signs That Your Plumbing May Be Clogged

If you are experiencing any of these issues and think that you may have a clog in your plumbing, you may want to visit us at Coastal Mechanical Contractors. Our team has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and resolve your plumbing issue.

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